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GhanaRescued turtles hatched in Kokrobite
Turtles on the way to the sea
[Translate to english:] Wakanda Beach Resort
Quelle: A. Werner, September 2019


The hatched turtles are from a turtle that laid her eggs 2 months ago on the grounds of Wakanda Beach Resort in Kokrobite. They hatched on November 27, 2019. Kwame doesn't know exactly how many there were, as he didn't get to them until the hatching was already underway.

A great job! We will continue to follow the project.



[Translate to english:] Schildkröten werden Anfang Oktober 2019 auf dem Gelände des Wakanda Beach Resorts eingegraben

[Translate to english:] Schildkröten machen sich Ende November 2019 auf den Weg ins Meer