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Our team is representative of many committed people worldwide. We are committed to altruism, act in solidarity and transparency, and work closely with local non-governmental organizations. They define our projects and implement them on site. We are committed to education, health and environmental protection. We give initiatives a face, draw attention to problems, arrange contacts, collect donations and establish cooperations. We are where the threads come together. We bring our expertise and financial support exactly where people need it most.

At the head of all the players is Michael Kreuzberg, marine biologist and former environmental senator of the Hanseatic City of Rostock. Through his expertise, his travels and his contacts, he tracks down where help is really needed. His reports and pictures are touching, his commitment is unparalleled. Travels lead to friendships all over the world. Friendships become reliable partners. With the financial support of foundations, grants and private individuals, he has realized many projects in the last 25 years. For example in Ghana, in Indonesia or in the Philippines.

In recent years, more and more people became aware of his work. One initiator became a team. We are constantly working to support even more needy children, their families and thus their environment. In the hands of the children lies our future. To give them courage, to encourage them to act, to impart knowledge and values to them, gives them and their families new perspectives.

There are so many small and large initiatives around the world that are worth supporting. That is why we are in constant contact with local institutions, ministries, partners, foundations, donors, experts, schools, associations and private individuals. Become part of our team with your support. Put a smile on your face and on the faces of many children around the world.



Around the world, children's opportunities for survival and health are unequally distributed. Many children live in disastrous hygienic conditions and have little access to healthy food. They get sick, lose courage. They lack the strength to take their future into their own hands. The positive effects of better health radiate to the children and their environment. They gain strength, courage and confidence to implement plans.

To achieve this, they need access to clean water, food and medical care. Not all children have this access.


Without education, you have very limited opportunities in life. When children are allowed to learn, they see meaning in their lives. Investing in education gives young people the most important tool for an independent life. A good education radiates positive effects. Those who are well educated not only influence their own future, but also that of those around them. He sets an example and can support his family and his environment.

Unfortunately, not all children have the opportunity to go to school regularly. The reasons are very diverse. Sometimes, however, there is simply a lack of suitable teachers, of the local conditions to be able to offer education. Here it is important to offer individual and targeted help.


For the health of our children, a healthy environment is a very crucial factor. The quality of the environment is often a matter of life and death. Children are often among the first victims of carelessly disposed garbage, dirty water and pollutants in the air. The state of the environment affects not only children's survival, but their development and overall well-being. Food security, clean water, mental health - all depend on the state of the natural environment.

Education and environmental protection can be well combined. Children can contribute a lot to the mindful treatment of nature. For example, it is very important to explain to them how important waste disposal is and what they themselves can contribute. Last but not least, a clean environment helps to ensure that children have opportunities to develop their skills. If they no longer see any prospects, they will migrate and leave their home region behind.


We are committed to ensuring that children have prospects for the future. We are concerned with their well-being, their development during childhood and adolescence. To achieve this, we involve their families and their community. To achieve sustainable results, we work with many partners and pursue the following goals:

  •  Ensuring water supply and hygiene
  •   Making teaching materials accessible
  •   Motivate teachers to work in village schools and create local conditions
  •   Improving the quality of education: targeted support for children in difficult life situations
  •   Healthy personality development: holistic positive development of emotional, social and cognitive skills
  •   Creating opportunities for continuing education after elementary school
  •   Environmental education: Creating awareness for sustainable development
  •   Trusting, transparent cooperation between partners
  •   Establishment of cooperations and partnerships
  •   Conveying global connections and motivation for learning and acting in solidarity


  • Construction and completion of a kindergarten, an elementary school and a toilet in Apeyime/Ghana
  •   Construction of a teacher's house in Apeyime/Ghana
  •   Purchase of school materials for the elementary school in Apeyime/Ghana
  •   Trusting cooperation with the Ghanaian non-governmental organization "Apeyime Development Association
  •   Construction of two drinking water wells in Asonomaso/Ghana
  •   Cooperation of the International School Ecolea and support of the sports project
  •   Help for the realization of workshops for disadvantaged children in Bacolod/Philippines
  •   Construction of a toilet for a poor family in Indonesia, which has neither water nor electricity connection

Examples of our numerous projects



Mr. Patrick Ekpe
Apeyime Development Association



Nicole Concha-Baroy
Binhi Creatives



State government
Western Pomerania

Warnemünde Sports Club
Athletics department