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GhanaMorning dramas with good outcome
Since the beginning of November 2022, the project for the protection of sea turtles on the beach of Kokrobite has been running. It's time to report what has happened since then.
The eggs were dug up by dogs


The turtle project starts

Since Monday, Nov. 21, 2022, two groups of trained young people have been walking the beaches daily in the early morning for a month, looking for traces of turtles. This first step should lead to identifying the sections of beach where the actual project will then run. Pictures taken this morning show clutches of eggs that have been dug up and eaten by dogs.



Morning drama with a good outcome

As already reported, the project for the protection of sea turtles on the beaches of Kokrobite near Accra began with daily control walks to identify the most important beach sections for turtles. Two groups of specially trained young men are out every day in the early morning or evening. They are in constant contact with Dr. Andy Agyekumhene, the scientific director of the project, via a WhatsApp group. I am also in the group. Now this morning a dramatic message came (see picture or videos): They found a turtle fixed on its back in the bushes and informed Dr. Andy, as he is called in the chat. He knew immediately: turtle thieves do it that way, and then later they get it and kill it to sell the meat or eat it themselves. The team freed her, and she crawled back into the saving sea, visibly exhausted from laying eggs and the stress during her captivity. The previous day, a team found a turtle laying eggs and heard people from the neighboring village say they would dig up the eggs later. However, the eggs were then reburied in a safe place. These two incidents prompted us to already inform people about the project in English and in the local language Ga via public criers, which exist in Ghana, and to point out that it is against the law to catch or dig up turtles or their eggs and to eat or trade with them. All this shows how important the project is and how important it is to educate the inhabitants.


Die ersten Schildkrötenbabies wurden gefilmt

Heute früh konnten die ersten geschlüpften Schildkröten bei ihrem Gang ins Meer gefilmt werden. Solche Glücksmomente gehen ans Herz!



The first turtle babies were filmed

This morning the first hatched turtles could be filmed walking into the sea. Such moments of happiness go to the heart!



In just a few days of the project, several turtles were found, released and rescued. After laying their eggs, they were able to make their way back to the sea. Their eggs were dug up and buried in a safe place. The first turtle babies made their way into life. 

Liberated turtle
Thief caught in the act. The turtle was freed and could return to the sea.
The first turtles have hatched.
This turtle was left in the bushes by thieves. It could be found and freed.